In 1994, Michael and Deecy Smith founded designvox (dih-zihyn-voks) with a powerful idea: people matter. They shared the vision for a community of thinkers and makers working together to touch the lives of others through design that focused on people.

Start with people

1. Start with people

Everyone has value: The people we work with; our clients; and the people our clients serve. We start with people by valuing them through empathy, compassion, grace, forgiveness, and respect. Internally, this means a serious commitment to personal growth—where our employees cultivate lives that are healthy and fulfilling inside and outside of designvox.

Trust always

2. Trust always

We trust because our success requires a vibrant, open community and trust nurtures such a community. We treat our clients and each other with respect, patience, and confidence. This is essential for relationships and friendships both within our community and with our partners.


3. Collaborate

We collaborate because we value cognitive diversity—the different ways people come up with ideas and tackle problems. We value the differences in how each of us thinks, feels, and sees the world. Our goal is to create a community of passion, grit, and cohesion, not quick consensus.

Do the right thing

4. Do the right thing

Integrity forms a foundation of our relationships with one another and with clients. But we do the right thing not just for this reason; we do the right thing because our character is to take ownership and claim responsibility—to place the interest of others ahead of your own.

Live with open hands

5. Live with open hands

Generosity and openness are not things we “do,” they are part of who we are. We keep our hands open to give and receive, sharing, knowledge, experience, mentorship and community with others. We give without expectation of return, because we can and because we love others.

Be courageous

6. Be courageous

At designvox, we dare to dream big, but we also have the courage to learn from failure. It takes courage to challenge assumptions and conventions. It takes courage to be open to new ideas, accept criticism, and work with people who think differently from us. We are a courageous community.

Have fun

7. Have fun

We value play, joy, fun, and humor. The workplace and the client experience are both meant to be joyful. We are purposefully playful, because improvisation and experimentation unlock the creative mind and ignite the innovative spirit, protecting us from negativity that snuffs out brilliant ideas.

Look for what’s next

8. Look for what’s next

We are curious—always asking why, always seeking answers. We constantly reimagine the future, dream big and embrace change. Finding what’s next requires a particular posture: deep curiosity. We expect employees to continuously learn and grow in their roles.