As part of a larger effort to unify and reimagine the OFS brand, we redesigned the OFS and Carolina website experience from the ground up. Drawing from user interviews with both customers and employees, we redefined the way both audiences interact with the brand online.

A simple, straightforward architecture. The site’s redesign combined six individual websites to a single catalog, with an integrated subdomain for OFS’s healthcare brand, Carolina.

User-centered design. After research with various groups of customers and employees, we developed smarter ways to get to products, information, thought-starters, and more. 

Storytelling content. We helped integrate a new digital experience of the Imagine a Place publication, complete with videos, articles, and imagery, as well as new About page content for the brand. 

Full mobile functionality. The entire site was developed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that all the features needed by different audiences could be easily accessed on-the-go.

Rethinking customer service. With a more powerful search engine and product page design, customers and customer service representatives are able to get information faster and more intuitively.