When employees have a bad experience with benefits, it erodes trust in their company—but the people providing benefits often don’t know how confusing and difficult the system can be. We helped healthcare benefits providers build empathy through patient simulation that put them in an employee’s shoes.

Integrated and comprehensive. 70 total participants took part in three simultaneously run simulations. Each simulation incorporated 95 discrete employee experiences, 90 “life event” cards, and over 500 employee / health provider interactions.

Gamification. Simulations employed game mechanics—including goals, points, role-playing, risk and reward, and randomization—to make the simulation exercise entertaining and emotionally engaging.

Based on actual cases. Assembled employee experiences, events, and interactions were modeled on vendors’ own customer experiences and call center data, discovered through in-depth research. Game scenarios closely represented real cases. 

Fostered alignment and collaboration. The shared, eye-opening experience brought together previously unconnected benefits vendors. This led to new alignment and collaboration around improving the employee experience, unprecedented in this context.