Corporate Culture Change A new culture of health and wellness holds health care costs flat for five years

Meaningful human connection. Through in-person interactions and observations at every U.S. Whirlpool plant, we developed a deep contextual understanding of employees and their needs.

Incorporating behavior science. We paired our interpersonal research with a comprehensive review of behavioral science and organizational change studies to craft a communications strategy that worked by encouraging employees to take small steps that led to increased confidence, new habits, and greater wellness.

Breaking the status quo. By discovering underlying problems, creatively prototyping solutions, and effectively executing final expressions, we provided the strategic planning, imagination, and creative resources needed to realize and enact a significant change from beginning to end.

Communication that broke through the noise. We established a new way of communication, grounded in empathy, honesty, and transparency. This new voice enabled bold messaging that got people’s attention, communicated the “why” behind changes, won the trust of the audience, and effectively motivated new behavior and conversations.

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